Twin Springs Park


Is this Heaven?  No, it’s… actually, let me check on that.  This stream must be the most beautiful of all in Iowa.  It really appears to be something from a fairy tale – crystal clear, cold water, cute bridges, hidden picnic tables, gorgeous trees growing streamside…. amazing.

I came here twice on the last day of July, 2016.  The first time was late morning, on a sunny day, to fish.  I parked by the Paine Memorial stone.  The ice cold spring water felt amazing on my sandaled feet, and exploring the streamside trails was so fun I basically forgot I had come there to fish.  I hiked all around, taking in the watercress, the trees, and the moss.  The water was so cold that my feet began to hurt.

The areas I explored did not seem likely to hold a lot of fish, but I noticed as the stream went down toward the river, the runs got deeper and less riffly, and I did see a fair number of people fishing.

I came back around dusk, and it was a very hot and humid night.  The extra cold water meeting the warm air caused a beautiful mist to envelope the entire valley, which made it look even more magical.  The only ones here were me, my wife, and our dogs- or were we?  Through the deep mist, up an impossibly small tributary stream, I saw an elfin young woman casting perfect loops with a minuscule fly rod.  I couldn’t be sure whether she was human, or perhaps a nisse?  As I walked toward her, the figure faded away and vanished in the mist.

I can’t guarantee you’ll see a woods sprite if you visit, but I do guarantee some beautiful photos.  Have fun and keep a close eye out for spirits!

-July 31, 2016

Stream Name:
Twin Springs
 Park or Wildlife Area: Twin Springs City Park
 DNR Page:
 Access: Highway 52 runs along the west side of Decorah.  Take the turn toward the city park.
 Pros: Gorgeous clear water, easy access, awesome scenery.
 Cons: Didn’t see a lot of fish, though I’m sure they’re here.  Lower portions of stream were busy.
 Additional Information: There is a bakery and coffee shop tucked up Twin Springs Road.  I didn’t get to visit it but it looked busy and fun.

Ratings: (out of 10)

Fish Size: NA
Fish Quantity: NA
Beauty: 10
Solitude: 5
Water Clarity: 10 (upstream, gets less clear downstream)
Overall: 8.3






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